We Are Spoondrift

Greetings from the Spoondrift team!

We can all agree that the year 2020 was a strange and confusing year, and Covid-19 did quite a number on all of us. Despite the tricky period, we kept on navigating “the new normal” and are happy to see we have finally reached the new crop of 2021-2022. 

We have been working hard these past couple of years to build the name and capabilities of Spoondrift, and we continue to raise our standard of quality, East – African beans that are delivered straight from the Mill/exporter’s warehouse to your doorstep.

We centre our business around the client’s needs in the East African coffee market, through offering smart and reliable logistics services for the green coffees that East Africa has produced over the years.

While this is a challenging niche to be in, we love it! We take pride in bridging the gap between buyer and supplier by offering a full logistics platform, not only for full container loads but also for consolidated micro-lots. This has allowed us to introduce East African coffees to micro buyers who, otherwise, may not have access to purchasing directly from suppliers at origin.

At Spoondrift, we value empowering small businesses, and we have crafted our network to primarily engage with small to medium-sized companies with a vision for growth. Our closed network of clearing agents have their own licenses at origin, at border points, and at ports of loading, which avoids uncontrolled subcontracting. By using this intimate group of agents, transporters, and partners, we maintain a hands-on approach for each shipment on our books and are closely involved with every stage of the process. 

Our main goal at Spoondrift is to prove to our customers that moving coffees out of East Africa doesn’t have to be difficult at all! We focus only on coffee, which allows us to create real customer value and make the coffee logistics industry work better at tackling the challenges faced in the logistics market of East African green coffee beans. 

Despite the challenging season in 2020, we take pride in the fact that people still find solace in drinking East African coffees. We wish all our customers a fruitful and prosperous new coffee season and are looking forward to continuously supplying your coffees across the world. Because – to be honest – it’s damn good coffee!

For more information on Spoondrift and our services, feel free to browse our website on https://www.spoondriftconsulting.com/ and get in touch with us for a customised quotation enquiries@spoondriftconsulting.com.

– The Spoondrift Team