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Together with our local partners in Dar es Salaam and Mombasa ports and with over 1,500 m2 warehousing facility, we offer logistics services for green coffee from suppliers end to final destination with warehousing/bulking/blending/bag marking/sampling/handpicking services available in both ports.

Over the past 3 coffee seasons, our team has been responsible to ship out successfully over 30,000 tons of green coffee.


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Warehousing facilities Dar es Salaam, TZ

+ 1,500 m2 warehouse space availability

Kurasini, Dar es Salaam port area

24/7 Security team and camera’s

Agent’s office within warehouse premises

Our Operations team

In order to keep our customers up to date with live information about their shipments daily, we have a determined team on the ground who coordinates with warehouse management and can quickly respond to changing demands by customer, changing berthing schedules etc.. 

Our Services


  •  Pick up of coffee at suppliers end 
  • Goods in transit insurance 

  • Daily tracking


  • Offloading of the coffee in Dar es Salaam within 24 hours from time of arrival.


  • Possibility to stack coffee in warehouse
  • Warehouse management: check your coffee stock 24/7

  • Free time for transit coffee negotiable 


All export containers are fully lined with kraft paper in order to safeguard the quality of the coffee beans during their journey at sea.

Bag to bag stuffing

Optimized stuffing allows a 20 ft DV container to fit 320 bags of green coffee beans (19.2 tons).

Bag to Bulk stuffing

Bulk stuffing upon client’s request whith a maximum capacity of 360 bags of green coffee beans (21.6 tons) per 20 ft DV container.  

High quality imported Bulk bags from Kenya.

Bag marking

Additional bag marking upon customers request painted with stencils onto the jute bags.


Handpicking services upon customer’s  request.


Fumigation upon customer’s request.

Quality Control

Quality report for each full 20ft DV describing time of stuffing, weight/amount and condition of the bags/pictures prior/during and post stuffing, sealing etc. 

Export clearing 

Close cooperation with local governmental organizations to ensure smooth clearance.  In case of local TZ coffee; post documentation available within 3 working days post vessel sailing.

Sea freight

Negotiating of sea freight with the various carriers at port of loading. 

Printing OBL / Telex release


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